Inside the hardware of the everykey password device

Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Specs Bluetooth
Wireless Communication

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0)

Specs Security
Military Grade Security
Security details
Specs OS
Operating System Compatibility
Limitations apply

Website autofill is available across all platforms. App Autofill is available on iOS and Android devices. A jailbroken version of iOS is required for Everykey to unlock the device. Windows 10 computers with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy are compatible with Everykey, the Everykey Bluetooth Dongle (sold separately) is required for computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8. All other devices must have built-in Bluetooth Low Energy support.

Specs Browser
Web Browser Compatibility
Specs Updates
Firmware Updates

Bluetooth Over-The-Air firmware updates

Specs Range
Specs Battery
Power and Battery
Specs Water
Water Resistant

Rating pending certification (e.g.: 3ATM, 5ATM, etc)

Some functionality advertised above is in development